Competition time – August 2017

Competition now closed - August 2017 It may be On Point’s birthday, but it is you that has the chance to win a gift. This month we are giving away one prize to one lucky [...]

Tips for getting that creative spark for blogs

Creative spark for blogs Do you struggle finding a creative spark for blogs? Sometimes creativity is a eureka moment. Whoa! Let’s rein back that image of jumping naked out of a bath with a radical [...]

On Point Copywriting turns five!

I do not know where the time has gone, but somehow On Point Copywriting is five years old. As it is for most business owners, it feels like taking a big plunge to start your [...]

Reign vs rein vs rain

Right as reign, rein, rain! Reign, rein, rain! Does anyone need help with ‘rain’? We suggest an umbrella - It’s the wet stuff that we Brits seem to get throughout the summer (as well as [...]

Interesting words – Covfefe

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump shocked us, yet again, with one of his tweets. But rather than indulging in his apparent preferred pastime of offending or firing someone, it was his (mis)use of the English [...]

What is copy-editing and do you need a copy-editor?

Have a look at this sentence and see what you think: “When their is no food left, your going too be hungry.” Notice any mistakes? To many people, this is an unpublishable sentence due to [...]

Competition time – July 2017

Competition now closed - July 2017 What bizarre 'word' did Donald Trump use on Twitter that immediately grabbed the world’s attention? Tip: You can find the answer in our article about interesting words. There is [...]

The differences between to, too and two

To, too and two. What do these three words have in common? Answer: They are homophones – meaning that, although sounding the same, they have different meanings, origins or spellings. These common words are sometimes [...]

Competition time – May 2017

Competition now closed - May 2017 For an opportunity to win a nostalgic box of sweet-shop themed chocolates, simply answer this question: What's the name of the technique used by Roald Dahl to overcome writer's [...]

Writer’s block – What causes it and how do you deal with it?

What is writer’s block? Do you need to have that article written by 5pm today? Do you need to hit that precise word count but you’re still several sentences short? Has your writing come to [...]